I'm Leon East

Creative Technologist ▓ Unity/Unreal ▓ AR/VR

  • Full name Leon East
  • Age 35
  • Email mail@leoneast.com
  • Location Melbourne, Australia
  • Current Project lithodomos.com

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Love producing compelling stories and meaningful interactions.

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.Net, Unity, Unreal, VR, AR

5 years experience working with interactive technology in Unreal and Unity. Developed audio solutions, interactive systems, and interfaces. Proven ability to work with project objectives and develop design tool-sets.


Recording, Editing and Mix

Awarded audio engineer and film industry veteran with proven track record established over 10+years, delivered mixes for known brands, production houses, and networks.


Sound, 2D, 3D

Designer with a passion for designing engaging stories. Delivered sound design elements for Film, TV, Games. 2D + 3D Design experience, Modelling, UV mapping, texturing.

Awards & Nominations

Sound Design & Music